On Page Seo Optimization for Your Website

If you read my first post on SEO Basics, you are now ready to take a deeper dive into On Page SEO Optimization. While there is a lot that goes into this and it can be confusing at times, just by starting you are making progress towards better ranking for your business site.

What is On Page SEO Optimization?

On Page SEO is a term that describes the actual data files that live on your website (Text, Images, Video) and how they should be properly structured for good results in search engine results.

H Tags

H Tags which stands for Header Tags is how you let search engines know what your site is all about. You want to make your main home page keyword the H1 Tag on your home page. In this video above you will see I’m using “Orange County CPR Classes” as my H1 tag because that is the main topic of my client’s site.

Keyword Density

Years ago, everyone just thought you could add your keyword to your page over and over and over again and that would do the trick, and it actually worked. fast forward to today and Google has gotten much smarter. Stuffing your keyword into your page now will most likely get you penalized because Google knows what you are trying to do. Just try to write like a real person and be yourself. If your H Tags are titled correctly, Google will know what your site is about.


Images are very important for your users to look at and for Google too index. Make sure your images are not huge when you upload them, it will only make your site load slower and penalize your SEO efforts. I recommend trying to keep images under 100kb or at least under 200kb. Also, when you do upload an image, make sure to title it so Google knows what the image is about. Finally, add the titled to your ALT section as well which Google puts in place for those that are visually impaired.


Videos are the most powerful form of digital marketing. They allow you to communicate your message much easier than making a user read a ton of text. I recommend you use Youtube for all your videos because Google owns Youtube so they are more likely to give you a push in SEO when using their platform, and it’s free.

Resources Mentioned In On Page SEO Optimization Video

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