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Start growing your business and improving your website’s position in Google in just 90 days.
If you’re not happy after the trial, you’ll get your money back, no questions asked.

What our SEO 90 Day Trial Includes:

All These Key SEO Factors Combine Create Massive Trust with Google.

On Page SEO

We correct your website metadata so Google can properly crawl your site.


Press Release Article

We then distribute that article to 500 TV, Radio, and media type websites.

Social Signals

We run a campaign of 2300 social signals, from hundreds of social accounts.

Authority Citations

We manually clean up nearly 400 directory listings to ensure your info is correct.


Daily Link Building

We create sites with snippets about your business and city linking to your site.

Advanced Link Building

Trust signals built through our privately owned site network all linking back to you.

Why Google Ranks Some Websites But Not Others

The absolute only reason Google ranks a website high is because Google trusts the site. It loads fast, it’s focused primarily on the end user experience combined with other off site signals that Google can see that lend to the trust factor.

Our entire focus of your SEO campaign is to start and continue to build trust in Google’s eyes the right way. It’s not hard, but it’s expensive. There’s hard costs directly related to it. But the ROI from this process is well worth it, no matter what business or niche you’re in.

Step 1. On Page SEO Optimization

We begin by properly fixing your “On Page SEO” aspects including your H tags and meta data telling Google what you want to rank for. You can have all the links in the world, basically saying “hey Google send me the traffic for people searching for your keyword” but if your “On Page” signals aren’t there the traffic won’t go to your site, your site won’t rank for all those keyword anchor backlinks that you’ve created.

On the other hand, with proper On Page SEO, Google will know EXACTLY what your web pages are about and will look for ways to rank those pages accordingly. With effective On Page SEO, you’ll find yourself using far less backlinks to rank.


Step 2. Press Release Syndication

Once we have completed your “On Page SEO” we have our writing team create an article on your business. We then distribute that article to 500 TV, Radio, and media type websites. Each is published and has a link to your site. All of these media websites have a massive degree of trust with Google already and they notice all of these articles and the links pointing to your site. Keep in mind, this is not your average every day press release company. It specifically designed for SEO, and pushing major trust to your site.

Step 3. Social Signal Integration

Right after we syndicate your Press Relese, we leverage the power of all this media attention and run a campaign of 2300 social signals from literally hundreds of other Facebook, Pinterest, and social accounts (All of which we control). Again all pointing back to your site in the form of likes, shares, comments, etc. Google sees all this, and passes more trust to your site.

Step 4. Authority Directory Citations

While the Press Release and Social Signals are being done we simultaneously work on your citations and directory listings. We manually log in and clean up listings which are incomplete or perhaps have misinformation. If you’re not in a directory, we manually add you, so when all is said and done you’re in nearly 400 of them.

This creates massive Google trust. The more places that your business’s name, address, and phone number is listed the more google trust your site. It proves to them that you’re a legitimate business and that you deserve trust. It takes 2-3 weeks for our citations team to complete, but it’s a game changer as far as stacking trust to the site.

Step 5. Daily Link Building Campaign

Starting week one and onwards, we start a daily link Building campaign. Five days a week we will be creating websites from scratch with short snippets and articles about your business and your city, each one with the link back to your business.

Google absolutely loves consistency when it comes to back links, so the sites are varied in power, some will have no power, and little trust, some will have some power and bit more trust, some will have a no follow link, some will have a do follow link, the idea is diversity. Google loves diversity making it a key factoe in the SEO process.

Another benefit is, all of these sites are in our control. We create them for you so they can never be deleted. Every other SEO company gets links from sites that they have no control over, so the links don’t stay and can be deleted any time. All this guarantees huge ranking increases within 2 months due to the massive trust signals we’ve created for your site.

Step 6. Advanced Link Building Campaign

The daily link building continues, but here’s where the expensive but effective part comes in. The biggest ranking factor is having backlinks from websites that already have googles trust. Imagine getting a link from the Homepage of YouTube. You could literally rank for whatever you wanted because YouTube has so much trust. Well we obviously can’t do that, so we do the next best thing. We buy domains that already have Trust.

Here’s how it works. A guy has a roofing company for example. He has a site built, adds content to it, images, has some backlinks built. Over the course of a decade, that site slowly gains trust. Mainly from age. Now, the guy retires, or maybe one day he forgets to renew his domain, or maybe he changes the company name and gets a new domain. In any case, that domain which already has massive trust, goes to the auction block. We buy it and it’s not cheap. Some of these go for $200-$800 depending on how much trust they have.

From there we build a site on it, with the sole purpose of linking to your site. Just yours, nobody else, if we did, the power would be diluted. We want the maximum amount of power and trust to be sent to your site.

We own several hundred websites that already have a massive degree of trust. When we link to your site from one of these, it’s like we just have you 1,000 links all at once because they’re so powerful.

These are so powerful, that if you were to just use these as a ranking technique, without All the other steps, your site would get Flagged by Google. It’s just not natural for a local business to have a bunch of powerful sites linking to it without any other links.

This is why we start in week 1, with daily link building. So when these Powerful links start, it appears to Google as natural and organic.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you offer a Guarantee?

We are very confident in our SEO ranking improvement process. If for some reason we can’t boost your ranking to first page we don’t deserve your business and will give you a refund. It is very rare to find any SEO company that offers a guarantee. 

Do I have to sign a contract?

Nope, we don’t do contracts becuase we feel that you should have the option to stop your on going SEO campaign if you want to.

Why don't other SEO Companies offer a Guarantee?

The answer is really simple. They are not confident in their process (if they have one). This is why they try to trap you into a 6 – 12 month contract right away.

How fast should I expect SEO ranking improvements?

45 – 60 days is a good amount of time to let us make improvements. There are a lot of steps our team must execute and Google needs time to crawl the new data points we create.

See what our clients have to say...

06:38 27 Sep 19
I am very grateful and happy with the interactive and 'Google friendly website' Michael Miller has designed for me and my company. When I hired the SEO and Web Design services of Digital Product Pro; Health & Hope Institute's website was not ranking well with Google. I was on page 7 or 8, around position 100 and within less than 90 days, Michael and his Team were able to help my website rank on positions 3 and 5 of the first page of Google search for my PRP specialty and local area.Michael is great at communicating his SEO Strategies, exploring new keywords, launching new campaigns, and is very accurate with his promised speed of implementation and his support.Michael and his consistent and expert SEO services and creative Web Design are awesome and I highly recommend him with confidence and much gratitude!read more
Deborah Herrington
Deborah Herrington
16:37 30 Jun 19
I feel so fortunate to have found Michael, he treats me and my business like his own. He took the time to understand my customer target and what I'm trying to achieve and more than delivered on Web Design, hosting and local SEO optimization! His vast knowledge of everything related to web management and marketing helped me save money and time consuming mistakes. My web presence was up to speed in record time thanks to his expertise. Most impressive is his ongoing support when I have questions or need his professional opinion, this is what makes him like family and why I trust him implicitly.read more
Shannon Webb
Shannon Webb
00:58 21 Feb 19
I have been using Michael's services for years and he is the best! He constantly exceeds my expectations and delivers changes promptly. I cannot imagine a better experience. I have referred him to others and also hear raving reviews.read more
Karen Lee Whitworth
Karen Lee Whitworth
21:07 12 Feb 19
I'm a small business owner and I have been working with Michael for several years and I am so happy I found him! He has made my website experience so much easier. If you are looking for a smaller and more personal relationship for your website management, I would highly recommend Michael from Digital Products Pro!read more
Mark Kelly
Mark Kelly
15:51 05 Feb 19
Michael really changed the look of my business and made my website engaging and very professional. I tried to create my own website, but really did not have the time to get it right. They worked with me to create a site just the way I thought it should be and now I receive compliments about my business page. I would highly recommend Digital Product Pro.read more
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